Money is Wasted on the Rich

1967 camaro

This is another of the Chicken king’s stable of rides. (It’s not the actual car: his was original and mint).

It’s not a grail car, because I only rode in it once, and the highlight was not ludicrous speed, driving on the beach, or cruising campus for topless Western babes jumping in to sex me up.  No, the highlight was being ordered to hop out and press the pedestrian button so the light would change faster.  Yes, the true purpose of this pussy magnet ego assuager was once again fulfilled in fine form.


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Why yes, they’re real

OG Fred scoops me by spotting a new 2010 Camaro in (of all places) Kalamazoo Michigan.  Two inescapable conclusions derive from this event: Kalamazoo is 2000 miles closer to the Camaro factory in Montreal OG Fred needs to get a camera phone or a point and shoot or something so I don’t have to “borrow” […]

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