New York New York

Despite what your drunken penis-brain tells you, that hot redhead who reminds you of Louise (Padlock’s girlfriend) on the hysterical historical geology road trip to Niagara Falls is NOT hot for you. This is not the first time you will confuse a girl that talks to you with one who is interested in you. It’s […]

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Say Yes to Michigan

Fat Drunk and stupid at Faber College (sort of). It’s time to visit 8 Barrel, Phid (and Jack Dova even) in Ann Arbor. Crash in the dorms so you can pretend to be a student (except for the cranial firepower and rich ass parents parts). Also not part of the experience? Going to class. (You […]

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KMA, Joe Camel

That rat bastard Joe Camel ensnared me over the weekend. It’s been a long time coming – I have been dying for a decent cigar with a tasty brew, plus the whole 119 daily insults of married life I am enduring right now has made my stress jump to 11 at a moment’s notice. So, […]

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