Name that Car

Yeah, I know – it says “Charger.”  Look closer. the buttresses and side windows look like ’60s Chrysler. Amber turn signals before the 80s? (The Granada versions in the 70s were fakes) No outside mirror? Inside mirror pointed to the right? I believe we have an Aussie in our midst, the Charger 770.  Smelling the […]

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Oops, I crapped the NAIAS

Not for the squeamish. Trust me.

This is the new Imperial concept. For $200, who did Chrysler rip off for this derivative shitbox?

Rolls-Royce Phantom
A. you whores Social Climbers

(Do we need to go farther? OK then.)

Mercedes-Benz 450SEL
B.Thought we forgot your access to the M-B archives, huh?
Dodge Charger
C. Where have we seen that flank before? Oh yeah. (c)
Infiniti QX56
D. Hey, look at my bulbous head – er, hood!
1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
E. Stay with me here… overwrought fender flares straight from my BK Lounge manager.
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