Speaking of things that knock

What ever happened to the Heisenberg-mobile?  We last saw it abandoned in the New Mexico desert, after taking a bullet to the gas tank.  But then what?  Yes, it sounded knocky and horrible, running out of gas.  Yes, it’s ORV career was a bit more arduous than most SUVs ever experience (going to Costco).  But […]

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Grandpa… bought a rubber

and kept it in his wallet, just in case a water landing went bad for Grandma. True Story: Grandma:  This car (rented LeBaron)  is nice enough, but i would never want to own one. Everyone else:  Huh? Why? Grandma:  Because it only comes with power windows. Everyone else:  Huh? What’s wrong with that? Grandma:  What […]

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RIP, Khan

The Mutara Nebula just won’t be the same without you. “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee” – Ricardo Montalban, desperately trying to get his 360 V8 Cordoba to fire up and shift out of park. P.S. Jack […]

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Oops, I crapped the NAIAS

Not for the squeamish. Trust me.

This is the new Imperial concept. For $200, who did Chrysler rip off for this derivative shitbox?

Rolls-Royce Phantom
A. you whores Social Climbers

(Do we need to go farther? OK then.)

Mercedes-Benz 450SEL
B.Thought we forgot your access to the M-B archives, huh?
Dodge Charger
C. Where have we seen that flank before? Oh yeah. (c) Allpar.com
Infiniti QX56
D. Hey, look at my bulbous head – er, hood!
1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
E. Stay with me here… overwrought fender flares straight from my BK Lounge manager.
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