Faces of Death

Alex Trebek:  It’s what brought you face to face with your own mortality, because the asshole pulling out of the Circle K in it was too busy being self important to look to his right before making his illegal left hand turn. Me:  What is this cargasm [below]? Smashing baby, smashing.  Well, almost.  Fucker.

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You know the Bush/John McLame’s economic plan sucks when the wealthy must visit Circle K for their 9 mpg Corniche needs.  (They do not sell Grey Poupon?  How gauche!)

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Not me

16 beer cans, bottles found in vehicle Michelle Myers The Arizona Republic Mar. 19, 2008 01:40 PM A 21-year-old Mesa man was arrested early Tuesday after police found 16 beer cans and bottles in his vehicle, according to a report. Garrison Billie was followed into a Circle K parking lot at Dobson Road and Southern […]

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Stupid S*** at the Kwik-E-Mart

Four quick hits on pollution in the gene pool… At the Kwik -e-mart across the street:  Morton Tomato Sauce with Meat Loaf TV dinner. Think about it. PI lawyer accident checklist at the gas pumps. Actually, a good marketing idea, since everybody who does this or this and walks away ends up in their parking […]

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