Stupid person of the day

Don’t confuse fascist repression with sound energy policy… My thoughts are we should, first, lower speed limits on all roads, other than interstate, to a maximum 55 MPH. Interstate roads should be lowered to a maximum 65 MPH. Strictly enforce speed limits across the board. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by opening up domestic […]

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PYT Pretty Young Thing

Sometimes the news is not the pretty sorority girl with rich parents, believe it or not… Natalee Holloway is dead.  Face it.  There is some missing girl in Philly – gone 10 days (instead of 2+months) who is months pregnant, and left a 7 year old behind.  But, CNN didn’t care until today.  She’s not […]

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Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty OK, NOT.  @%^@%$^@#$^!!!

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7 minutes on 9-11

Is it THAT important? Does this deer in the headlights look mean anything? Does returning to 7 more minutes of goats mean anything? Maybe I am wrong. Maybe “steady leadership” means “damn the bullseye, finish with the goats.” (“Or maybe that (“…finish with the goats”) is what being Larry the Cable Guy means.) I know […]

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So I was watching CNN

and they were talking about a secret senator mission to Iraq to talk to the puppet government about “restoring democracy.”  And I had to wonder – when was Iraq EVER a democracy.”  Don’t you have to have something and lose it before it can be restored? Also, I hear the Puppet Government of Iraq  (U.S. […]

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