Union of the Snake

Life is all about ass – David Lee Roth Skeletor bites it. Needed to respect the 30 foot anaconda. (Too soon? She owed me for blasting the PTL when I was trying to sleep after long nights of 7-Elevening) Bush, for once, learns from the mistakes of others; wrassles the thirty foot anaconda. Still loses. […]

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Not dead yet

Sorry. Been busy. The never ending break up. What is so hard about “stop calling me” and “no, I won’t give you that (or “those“) any more”? Yes, this is me saying that second one. Yes, those is what you think they are. Blind luck is its own reward.Mexico. I went there over the weekend. […]

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Holster that snake

Alice Cooper with the the 30 foot anaconda called to say the snake didn’t die. So, that bitch gets penned up for 5-7 YEARS. Yay for me. I think I will wait 8+ for the next deathmatch with that mofo, to toast the new sock decade of weirdness that will spawn at about the same […]

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Happy Finish?

She asked me to undress and lie on her table. Her hands were all over my back and chest. Her deep penetrating stare held me entranced while she worked her magic. Then, near the end of our time together, she slipped her hand under the towel over my waist and took hold of…

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Evil Doctors from Hell

warning – contains stuff I didn’t want to think about when I was 20.  Or 30. Went to the doc last week for a tuneup Thanks to my angry, bitter Scottish grandma, and pops who appeared to be following in her footsteps and Ronnie Raygun (who angry grandma voted for even when he wasn’t running […]

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