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Occasionally great in football. Excellent in academics. Boulder is the perfect college town.

NOT ME: The one about college driving

CU-Boulder police: Student led officers on drunken car chase, lost wheel on U.S. 36 – Boulder Daily Camera.

At 1:04 a.m. today, an officer on foot patrol near the Benson Earth Sciences building spotted a Subaru Outback driving on a sidewalk with two flat tires. The officer attempted to wave down the driver, identified by CU police as Jennifer Greer, 22, but Greer continued to drive east on Colorado Avenue toward 28th Street.

Bill Callahan Nebraska

Order Is Restored

Bill Calahan Farewell Tour Closes Embarrassingly (Yet Again) BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -All eyes in Nebraska now look toward Tom Osborne’s office – to see if Bill Callahan could possibly emerge from his upcoming meeting with Nebraska’s athletic director with his job still in hand.If he does, it would be an even bigger shock than what Nebraska fans have witnessed this…

Michigan Football

Not for weaklings

”When your foot is on that jugular, you have to kill that fool,” Buckeyes offensive tackle Kirk Barton said. ”You don’t just back off, let him stand up and punch you a couple of times and then knock him back down.” Buckeyes fail to step on their own dicks, win. Colorado, on the other hand, has no problem stepping on…

Bill Callahan Nebraska

I’ll have a Nostradamus with Cheese, and a Side Order of Crystal Balls

In an earlier prophesy, I predicted the impending demise of Bill “Norv Turner is a step up from me” Callahan. Callahan was the hand picked 4th choice of AD Steve “big money” Pederson, the genius who fired a 75% coach in order to install a 59% coach. Nebraska fires AD, citing lack of progress Associated Press Updated: October 15, 2007,…

CU Buffs

100 Greatest Finishes

This has nothing to do with my current social life, even though life is football and football is life. (The lack of correlation has nothing to do with the lack of 100+ data points, either, so let that joke pass you by, OG Fred) Just no. 6 for god’s (and the then-brand new Bear’s) own team, the 94 Buffs? Oh…

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