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cop speeding ticket

NOT ME: The one about college driving

A photo of the Subaru involved in a car chase early this morning. According to CUPD, 22-year-old Jennifer Greer was behind the wheel of the car and was arrested. (University of Colorado Police Department)

CU-Boulder police: Student led officers on drunken car chase, lost wheel on U.S. 36 – Boulder Daily Camera.

At 1:04 a.m. today, an officer on foot patrol near the Benson Earth Sciences building spotted a Subaru Outback driving on a sidewalk with two flat tires. The officer attempted to wave down the driver, identified by CU police as Jennifer Greer, 22, but Greer continued to drive east on Colorado Avenue toward 28th Street.

A second officer in a patrol car saw Greer’s car and put on his emergency lights. Greer began to speed up to 60 mph and continued eastbound onto U.S. 36, where her vehicle lost a wheel and struck the median and came to a stop near the Table Mesa exit, according to CU police.

Greer was placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI, vehicular eluding, attempt to elude a police officer, DUI, lane use violation, failure to yield right of way, leaving the scene of an accident, divided highway violation and having an open alcoholic beverage in her vehicle.

According to the CU Independent:

According to a University News Release, at about 1 a.m., a CUPD officer saw and attempted to flag down a Subaru Outback driving on the sidewalk with two flat tires that was going east towards 28th and Colorado. The tire tracks in the snowfall indicated that the suspect’s car had come from the “lawn area near the Math Building.” At this time a civilian told the officer that the suspect had hit the median on Arapahoe and Folsom and caused two flat tires.

What did we learn?

  • Driving on a sidewalk with two flat tires?  +10 for style
  • 1:04 a.m. Monday morning?  I always said the wee hours of Monday mornings were the best times to err but the sweet spot is 2:30-4 a.m. when the cops are processing their few Sunday night DUIs or are standing outside Dunkin/Krispy Kreme chanting “open, open, open”
  • (For no particular reason, 6 am on Sundays is second best.  Even for churchies, that’s way the fuck too early to be up)
  • A Subaru Outback in Boulder?  A good choice for daylight offenses (John Law: “which of these 412 2009 blue Subaru Outbacks at the REI store was the suspect in?”) At night though, a Subie is the worst.  Granola bars and hemp fumes cause you to fall asleep listening to NPR by 8 or so.  Toyota 4Runner is the late-nite inconspicuous offendermobile (if reprobates haven’t messed with your locking hubs)
  • She needed to say “I wasn’t eluding the officer on foot.  I just couldn’t stop until I found a well-lit place to check my oil. I heard Subarus explode without oil.”
  • Nice display of charge creep, CUPD.  DUI and suspicion thereof.  Eluding and attempt.  You’re still amateurs. Real cop overkill would be Extreme DUI, Aggravated DUI, DUI, impaired driving, per se DUI and attempted DUI (for the crash – attempted driving -yeah, we’re hilarious like that) and failure to wear Columbia/North Face/REI sportswear while committing an outdoor winter felony.

mr toads wild ride


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I’ll take giant co******ers – er – professors I hate for $1000, Alex

A:  Contracts I and II were horrible.

Dennis Hynes is no Denny Crane

Q:  Who is J. Dennis Hynes?

Seriously, the hate is as strong as ever.  In related news, I no longer owe him or his gang of enforcers for the privilege of living through the real life paper chase professor of dicks class.  Fuck, you, student loans.

(Except for the other ones)

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Bill Callahan Nebraska

Order Is Restored

Bill Calahan Farewell Tour Closes Embarrassingly (Yet Again)

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -All eyes in Nebraska now look toward Tom Osborne’s office – to see if Bill Callahan could possibly emerge from his upcoming meeting with Nebraska’s athletic director with his job still in hand.If he does, it would be an even bigger shock than what Nebraska fans have witnessed this season – the unseemly disintegration of a program that no longer resembles Big Red. The final chapter was written Friday when Callahan, with one last chance to make a good impression, instead suffered another loss by a video game score – 65-51 to Colorado, which now has a shot at a bowl bid that could have gone to the Cornhuskers. ”Am I shocked? I’m definitely shocked,” defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh said when asked how he felt looking at the scoreboard and seeing another big, ugly number up there.

The nation would be laughing at NU, if it weren’t so disinterested in irrelevant programs

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Michigan Football

Not for weaklings

”When your foot is on that jugular, you have to kill that fool,” Buckeyes offensive tackle Kirk Barton said. ”You don’t just back off, let him stand up and punch you a couple of times and then knock him back down.”

Buckeyes fail to step on their own dicks, win.

Colorado, on the other hand, has no problem stepping on their own.

Yay, Big 10: Minny? WTF?

OTOH, it’s just like 1983


where’s the Old Milwaukee?

Except for:

  1. I’m not in Ann Arbor
  2. bigger TV (same, mostly fuzzy picture)
  3. much less beer
  4. no 8 Barrel
  5. Oh yeah, the result was different. Yay.

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Bill Callahan Nebraska

I’ll have a Nostradamus with Cheese, and a Side Order of Crystal Balls

In an earlier prophesy, I predicted the impending demise of Bill “Norv Turner is a step up from me” Callahan. Callahan was the hand picked 4th choice of AD Steve “big money” Pederson, the genius who fired a 75% coach in order to install a 59% coach.

Nebraska fires AD, citing lack of progress

Associated Press

Updated: October 15, 2007, 7:04 PM ET

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson was fired Monday, two days after the school’s once-mighty football team was rocked with its worst home loss in nearly a half-century.

Pederson, along with coach Bill Callahan, has been heavily criticized after a series of one-sided losses this season. The most recent was a 45-14 loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday with former Cornhuskers coach Tom Osborne and his 1997 national title whiners team in attendance.

Scoreboard, bitches

Actually, this is a said day. Pederson gave the program a much needed dose of irrelevance and suckitude. And the accompanying national indifference to NU’s plight. As a Buff fan, whatever knocks the cornholers off their self righteous trough is fine with me. (Victories over them are better, of course.)

Clock is ticking, Bill. Might want to hold off on remodeling your powder room.

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CU Buffs

100 Greatest Finishes

This has nothing to do with my current social life, even though life is football and football is life. (The lack of correlation has nothing to do with the lack of 100+ data points, either, so let that joke pass you by, OG Fred)

Just no. 6 for god’s (and the then-brand new Bear’s) own team, the 94 Buffs? Oh come on. Flutie (’84 BC Miami) was a pussy.

No. 6 Colorado 27 … Michigan 26, September 24, 1994
At the time: No. 4 Colorado and its high-octane offense had stomped UL Monroe and Wisconsin by a combined score of 103 to 30 to start the season. No. 7 Michigan had squeaked by Boston College 34-26 and Notre Dame 26-24.
The setup: A two-yard touchdown run by eventual Heisman winner Rashaan Salaam and a 27-yard touchdown pass from Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook gave the Buffs a 14-9 halftime lead. Michigan roared back with a 17-point third quarter highlighted by a 65-yard touchdown pass to Amani Toomer for a 26-14 advantage. Colorado went on a long 72-yard march capped off with another short Salaam touchdown run to get within five with just over two minutes to play.
The ending: Colorado tried an onside kick with no luck, but Michigan failed to run out the clock hurt by a penalty making it 3rd and 7 rather than 3rd and two. Colorado’s Chris Hudson signaled for a fair catch the Michigan punt on his own 15 with :14 to play. The Buffs were also out of timeouts. Stewart and Westbrook hooked up for a 21-yard gain, but there were now only eight ticks remaining and CU was only on its 36. A Stewart spike left six seconds left. The play call was “Rocket Left” with three receivers on the right running as far as they could. Stewart took the snap and rolled to his left back to around the 26, not pressured and able to wait for his receivers to make their way down the field. With no time left on the clock, he let it sail more than 70 yards arching down among a mass of players. Michigan’s Ty Law and Chuck Winter went up with CU’s Blake Anderson, but the ball bounced off of Anderson and into the air by Law. Westbrook was behind the play and worked behind the mass to dive by Law and grab the deflected throw for a 64-yard touchdown and the 27-26 win.
How they ended up: Michigan recovered to beat Iowa and Michigan State, but lost to Penn State on the way to an 8-4 season ending up with a 24-14 win over Colorado State in the Holiday Bowl and a No. 12 ranking. Colorado got out to a 7-0 start before losing to eventual national champion Nebraska 24-7. The Buffs finished third in both polls with an 11-1 record after beating Notre Dame 41-24 in the Fiesta Bowl.

Scout.com: 100 Greatest Finishes – No. 6 to 10

(HT: Michiganzone)

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