Spaceship pwned by technology

Technology is killing the high art of “spaceship.” *Spaceship* is where you drive at night with all your interior light on and your outside lights off. You look like a UFO screaming down the street. But on the Scorolla, this only works in neutral with the parking brake on. With the brake off, the daytime […]

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Discount Tire goes D-ooh!

7 months ago, I got some of these Simple enough so far, right? The wheels come with these These are 50% longer than the stock lug nuts, because the holes are different (deeper) than on the stock steel wheels.. Me: Here are the lug nuts that you must use with these wheels. Discount Tire dude: […]

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$2.50 per gallon?

30 mpg, bitches. Gas can go to $4 before my gas bill equals what the Jeep drank.\

(BTW, a Ford Excursion has a 44 gallon tank. At $2.28 a gallon, that is a $100 fill up. And $228.00 a month in gas, in case you were curious how much those trips to Circle K for a cup of carbon flavored coffee REALLY cost.)

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