Alex Trebek: 600 days

Q:  How long has it been since I went this long without a beer?  Not that I’m counting. Last time it was in the aftermath of Olde English 800 HG after Crazytown “refused” to break up with me when I broke up with her.  Yes, WTFWIT?  St. Ides or nothing. This time, it was the fact […]

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Crazy Never Sleeps  please enjoy this new Droid X.  It’s free! We just need a little info to coordinate with Verizon. Me:  No prob.  Free kicks ass. later… Verizon: Thank you for changing your email. Me:  WTF? later…

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That time of the month

OK,. this is the last of these. A year ago was the end of a giant month of shit.  The last weekend was worst. Friday – battery and threats Saturday – no more pretense of normalcy for the kids, attempted seduction, more threatening behavior when that failed.  Thank goodness my phone didn’t go off.

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Warm is better

Fireplaces and puppies and love kick ass, compared to this. Some notes from a year ago [Edited for spelling and punctuation and anonymity]: 12/2/09 – ****** relates finding an an ex-con on Zoosk who “winked” at her profile on line. She suggested that that gentleman or his associates from prison would enjoy meeting me and […]

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Has it been a year already?

I just want to wish you good luck for your lonely pathetic future – as I am quite sure that NO-ONE will put up with your selfish bullshit like I did for TWO FUCKING YEARS (I want those years back) And don’t forget Baby that I love you with all of my heart. And by […]

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