You fucked up. You trusted us.

1961 – The chapter: Let’s make a corporation to own the house.  We’ll pay ourselves rent.  We’ll make it endure for 30 years, to see how things go.  All Phi Sigma Kappa members will be stakeholders. The state:  Sounds like a plan. 1991 – Crip and Gingerman:  Let’s just make the corporation permanent, so we […]

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Get a Date, Don’t Be Late

Chicks will totally put out on a mercy date, right?
I’d like to thank the Academy…
  • Tickets to Founders Day Banquet: $20
  • Ride with some goof named Al: Free
  • Getting a semi-hot date you have absolutely no chance of scoring with 40 minutes before the party starts?: $20 (for the tickets, dipshit). You can get shot down for free anytime you want, and pretty much every time you don’t want.
  • Cheesy award from Scott (which you keep for 25 years) because you at least didn’t go stag, thereby beating the over/under : Obviously priceless.

The pic is from a different banquet, although the girl in the red dress could very well have been my pity date from the award. ^^

Ruth, Pickles, Sue Z, Cripley, Leah, Gingerman
Doesn’t this look worth it?
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In honor of da bearsssss, and as tribute to Cripley, Piller, Pretty Boy and Dave Sandel (who does not belong in the same group), I am drinking Stella Artois tonight. I can’t tomorrow, because it’s the kiddo shuffle. You remember Stella. Tall, thin, kinda bitter. A little bit stinky (like many French speaking Europeans). I […]

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Lahaina Vice

More adventures of the Stupid, brought to you with a little help from Don Ho, Jeff Spicoli and Tony Montoya. 9. Park your car in the west entrance of a nature preserve near your house. If your pal 8 Barrel is there, that’s cool. Do this at night. Point your car at the road, while […]

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