Wardrobe malfunction?  A big STFU to the FCC? I think they make “implements” with that little shocker underneath. EDIT:  They’re on to you and your little purple friend, dude.

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This will make it all better

Michael Jackson plans single for Katrina victims 06 Sep 2005 19:36:24 GMT Source: Reuters LOS ANGELES, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Pop star Michael Jackson, who has been in seclusion since his acquittal on sex abuse charges, has written a song that he will record to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina, his publicist said on Tuesday… […]

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Just Beat It

the hell out of the spotlight.  Adios, you sick mofo. Kindly GTFOOH already. Trial’s over, so it’s time for Jacko’s new greatest hits CDAssociated Press Jun. 24, 2005 04:02 PM LOS ANGELES – Now that the trial is over, are you ready to listen to Michael Jackson sing again? Epic Records is betting you are. Epic is […]

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It’s OK if Michael (MOON)Walks

4 minutes until verdict and… That sick mofo is guilty as hell. Nonetheless, I love the system because it lets the guilty off sometimes, if the government does not prove its case. That is always better than imprisoning the innocent (Justice Scalia and his lover Dick Cheney can kiss my ass on this point). Because […]

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