We’ll make it up in volume

The George W. Bush MBA school of retail: CVS:  Here’s a coupon for a $25 gift card when you transfer or bring in a new prescription. Later… Karma:  Here is a crippling headache cluster, like that person from “The Fury” (Not THAT Fury) whose head exploded. Dr. Wikipedia:  *googles “OMFG it hurts, but only at […]

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F*** you, CVS

If I weren’t so sore, I would… 3.30.07 10 am Me (as Arthur Denton):  Give me some fucking morphine Orin Scrivello, DDS: Okey-dokey 3.30.07  4 pm DDS:  Give this man some fucking morphine. CVS Pharmacy® – Expect Something Extra ®:  Okey-dokey 3.30.07  5:30 pm Me (nearly dead from pain):  Where’s my fucking morphine? CVS:  We […]

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