The War Council is disbanded. - Me, after a frank and refreshing talk with the ex-Mrs.

Peace Really is Possible

2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport

A million years ago, my Hyundai was a piece of shit, and the wife wanted a minivan.  A $27,000 7 passenger minivan.  Why that one?  Because the second row had built in booster seats.  Any van could have managed the soccer mom, grocery getter jobs, but we needed a palatial stretch with painted bumpers and a useless spoiler in order to get the bucket seats that folded down into boosters, so that kid 2 didn’t need a separate booster seat.

(Yes, I went along with this bullshit.  Mea culpa. I didn’t do the math and I hoped to get laid out of the deal.

Karma:  What a shock.

Or at least rank higher than the kids.) (more…)

Life imitates… life?

I’ll take collossal mistakes for $27,000

2000 Wife:  I hate this car - it's old. Wife:  We could get a minivan. Wife: Here's a minivan with built in booster seats so Kid # 2 doesn't inconvenience us with moving the booster from one car to the other. It's only $10,000 more than the base model and only $15,000 more than a year old used one. Car Salesman: You can lease it for three years @ $479 a month! Wife: Yay! Me: *maybe I'll get laid out of this* 5173