Advice from Women

If it looks funny, feels funny or smells funny, it’s NOT going in my mouth. – a woman There goes that plot twist, I guess – me This may just be about food. Sometimes a cat licking a banana is simply a cat licking a banana.

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“Girlfriend” Is Better

Not just in this song ^^, but in the real world too. Better than “wife.” Better than “I haven’t looked at the issue, but I sure wish Arizona recognized common law marriage.” [Ed.: it doesn’t, and if it had, you didn’t qualify anyway.] Because “girlfriend” means no commitments or promises you did not explicitly undertake. And […]

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Texts With Chicks

What’s NOT normal about making not for distribution pictures into your background for 3 minutes and chats that last until 5 a.m. (local) and include advice about banging some dude that isn’t you and about dealing with your limes? It’s all part of the service. We just call it “Saturday.”

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