Penn Stank

JoePa gets owned by Carr for the 9th straight time. Penn state exposed, 14-9. mgoblog: Lionized We own Penn State. I never get tired of saying that. I get tired of the 2 in 0-2, but 1 more win and we’re over 0.500 for the first time since last season. In other news: Broncos(2-1): You’re […]

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Worst offense ever

No, not the cards or even those Bears Dear Mike Shanahan: Please have your team throw and or run the ball into the endzone. That (the endzone) is the green, grassy area under the yellow poles at either end of the field, and when your team brings the ball there, it’s called a “touchdown.” That […]

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The GOP Convention

was ended with some sort of fairy tale told by GWB.  Not “My Pet Goat” which I understand was his previously most significant recitation of fiction (not counting the annual SOTU). Anyway, here is what I thought about the speak, in all brutal, non-partisan honesty. Those Broncos looked totally incompetent against the woeful AZ Cardinals.  P.J. Alexander (reserve O-line) seemed fine […]

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