New Shoes

In case you forgot, this is what it used to be like.  Thanks, Discount Tire.  I so much prefer a little sidewall, without the slashes of those abused Hankooks.

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Owned by Discount Tire

Saturday 3:00.  Time to wash the xoxbox. (Ed.:  Redistribute the Phoenix rain slime is a more accurate description) Me:  ooo a rock in the tire. Me:  ooo, a roofing nail too? Me:  Fuck.  Pull it and hole. * makes popping sound* New tire= $145.  Bank balance + available credit = $10.  Fuck. Me:  Fix a […]

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WTFWYT – Mel Clayton Ford

WTFWYT (What the FUCK were you thinking?!?!?!) ***************************************************** My boss is buying tires today at Mel Clayton Ford in Phoenix Me: Why not go to Discount Tire? Manny: I know. Discount Tire is the best. Sorta. But Mel was cheaper by $50 bucks a tire, and it’s a Ford dealer so what could possibly go […]

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Discount Tire goes D-ooh!

7 months ago, I got some of these Simple enough so far, right? The wheels come with these These are 50% longer than the stock lug nuts, because the holes are different (deeper) than on the stock steel wheels.. Me: Here are the lug nuts that you must use with these wheels. Discount Tire dude: […]

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