Whiskey Part 6: Some Girls

White girls they’re pretty funny
Sometimes they drive me mad
Black girls just wanna get fucked all night
I just don’t have that much jam

Once a year, it’s time for a friend to salute her lost father with a whiskey (because full on Mahattans are too nasty). Join in from a couple thousand miles away, because why not? What could possibly go wrong?

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Opposite Day

So I was at my brother’s wedding.  He cleans up pretty nice.  Or it was my kid’s wedding.  It seems like it switched. The part where my broke ass dad hired a Lamborghini prototype in a camouflage wrap and cladding was cool, as it drifted past the reception.

Aventador prototype
This, except sideways

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Deja Vu Dreams – sorta (NSFW)

Dreams will be the death of me.

[Ed.: NS for anywhere that does not dispense Thorazine and straight jackets.]

So I am crawling into a bed somewhere.  Someone is already there.  It’s Ruth from back in college.  Big tits, big mouth. Hasn’t aged a day.  Why is SHE here? I don’t really care, because: topless.  Boobs in  dreams are the best. But sweet alabaster-skinned Jesus, this is about to get, uh, strange.

No, BAD strange.

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Why no, we were not propositioned by a famous photographer.  No, it did not involve bedroom things that do not usually occur in real life.  Yes, there was twerking.  At least implicitly.

And then we awoke.

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Dear @WilliamShatner

I enjoyed being invited to join you at the awards dinner.  I expected to be pushed around by the tv crews as someone of lesser importance.  I did not expect to be included in the nomination for my stellar (hah!) inspirational work on Star Trek.  I hate tuxedos; the only thing worse would be the […]

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Alex Trebek: Charleston

Me: what is the name of that girl who followed me around town – the bar, the golf course, the hammock in the sand trap – doting on every word and wanting to look behind my aviator sunglasses? Yes, it was a dream. No, it did not exist in the same universe as Lurlene, nor […]

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A week ago, it was that girl with the boobs, from high school.  Last night it was Superstar, in all her best December ever glory.  She was back, but I was with Lurlene. I invited her to thanksgiving dinner, over Lurlene‘s gentle suggestion that i not.  So it was on  – all the shoulda woulda […]

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Hail Mary

A million years ago, there was this cheerleader with huge knockers.  Since this was in high school, that is all I know about this girl from that time – “oh yeah, that girl with the rack.” Karma:  Testosterone is a helluva drug. Me: So I’ve learned Last night, she was in my dreams – her […]

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