On the “I am Karl Rove’s bitch report” (aka the GOP whore Drudge Report) this morning were these two items: 1. 2. Head lice ‘are becoming indestructible’… Coincidence?  I DON’T THINK SO! DRUDGE REPORT 2006®.

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What a difference a brain makes…

  Clinton is world’s “most influential man” Nov 15, 6:29 PM (ET) NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is “The Most Influential Man in the World,” according to Esquire magazine.  The magazine has designated him as “the most powerful agent of change in the world” despite his lack of electoral standing and […]

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Right On, Sir Mick

You call yourself a Christian I call you a hypocrite You call yourself a patriot Well, I think your are full of sh*t! … How come you’re so wrong, my sweet neo-con For some reason, guilt or shame probably, noted internet asshole Matt “bottom feeding GOP lapdog” Drudge thinks this is pointed at Bush.  Go […]

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Gee Drudge, campaigning already?

A little early to be smearing ‘08 candidates, don’t you think? (Reportedly, Drudge fears the boobies, much like John Ashcroft, so maybe if you’re simply near a pair, you are branded as an evildoer) ——————————————————————————————— DRUDGE REPORT 2005® RAUNCH FEST: Film role casts doubt on McCain judgment…

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Liberal media bias?

Just looky Evil liberal Crooks and Liars runs this picture of Clinton getting a peck on the cheek Truthful voice of the (right winged) people Matt Drudge runs the headline BOOK CLAIM: HILLARY HUMILIATED AS BILL HAS NEW AFFAIRS.  under this picture: You decide

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The Pope is dead

VATICAN SPOKESMAN SAYS WILL MAKE STATEMENT ON POPE’S HEALTH IN 10 MINS…   DRUDGE REPORT 2005® Ok, not yet, but today… Not that I am rooting for it, but it sounds like it’s time. OK, not yesterday after all, and not at the 2:30 am announcement when I was insomniaed, either.We got the same sort […]

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One of the top links on Drudge on the 3rd day of the convention Iraqis Pay Tribute to U.S. Service Members… But what’s that date?  2 months ago?  Hmmmm

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Ron Reagan

What a fine speech by Ron Reagan (almost as good as Obama’s).  Great speaking voice, well rehearsed, way closer to the facts on stem cell research than GWB was on anything Iraq. Michael Reagan, another son, and a GOP puppet, is apparently airing out family jealousies.  Bitter crybaby: “Dueling Reagans: Michael Reagan slams brother Ron, says […]

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