28 Years Later

Actually 32, but who’s counting?  Anyway, This is the Lincoln Continental Mark VI. I loved these cars when they came out.  Yes, they were stubby in all the bad ways, compared to the “long hood = long penis” message the Mark V sent.  One of the coolest features, according to the brochure, was the “auxiliary […]

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Beer Goggles

Lincoln : Continental Lincoln : Continental | eBay. This ^^ is what happens when: It’s football Saturday Michigan last #beatOhio in 2003.  (Ohio does not have a win for last year, but that is not a Michigan win) Ohio:  Beaten.  Back monkey: removed. Blue beers are in order. FWIW, Blue Moon and PBR have 33 and […]

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Plymouth Arrow

Me And My Arrow: Plymouth Fire Arrow on eBay We know this is a fake. Why? Because: rust never sleeps. This car should not exist in the 21st century. Me: Your ‘new’ 3 year old car is all brown and splotchy with rust. Milquetoast: It was blue when I bought it yesterday from those clowns […]

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