It’s Not a New Thing

And it’s still a bad thing. So in Dubai, the number of Abandoned Luxury Cars lying around is kind of a Problem | Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic. Thousands of the finest automobiles ever made are now being abandoned every year since Dubai’s financial meltdown, left by expatriates and locals alike who flee in […]

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Where do I send the check?

I totally trust this deal from Craigslist: 2003 Ferrari Red Enzo US car. Reply to: Date: 2007-10-22, 9:41PM PDT Here’s one of only 1 of [sic.] only 78 US cars for sale in Red [sic.] With [sic.] black seats[. T]he cars [sic.] for sale at a great price[:] $1,190,000.00[.] This Enzo has been fully […]

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