Brett Favre Sucks

Would ESPN be tonguebathing him like this if he were Black?  If he were, say, a wide receiver?  I’m just sayin’… ESPN:  But, but… he’s the greatest quarterback of all time!!!  He is a hall of famer!!!  We like exclamation points!!! Elway, Unitas, Bradshaw:  1 – only because no one has kicked his ass enough […]

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Oh, I’m Very Important

20020227-4427nmr And I don’t want to single anybody out in this area, but, you know, some people sit at home and they watch TV and they watch radio and they “blog” about certain “things,” and they think they know what they’re talking about, and they think they have sources. They have no sources. They make stuff up. They’re toads. They’re little toads. Actually, they’re pimples on the behind of the greater body politic in this country and in this city

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The things I do for foosball

Yes, I ponied up for ESPN Gameplan. Not because I didn’t want to get stuck with Texas/Missouri instead of Michigan / whoever. No, it’s because last week my state got the 9 am Colorado @ Miami feed, but my local ABC affiliate thought that the Cher makeup infomercial, some EZ finance crap and some televangelist […]

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Must see TV?!

Saturday is the 101st meeting between Michigan and Ohio State. ABC usually televises this thing nationally, or at least to most of the country. Not this year. Instead, “the Game” is splitting time with the WTF Bowl featuring Virginia and Georgia Tech. As of this writing, ABC hasn’t bothered to say what regions get which […]

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