Seems Legit

Ferrari f430 Craigslist
Midnight Auto Supply

How is this not a can’t miss opportunity? Apart from criminal conspiracy, insurance fraud, receipt of stolen property…

2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta [Ed.: original post on Nashville Craigslist is long gone – like the seller].

I’m assisting in brokering the sale of a near mint condition 2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta. The car is not stolen, salvaged, wrecked, or damaged in anyway. It does have a lien on it. This is an excellent parts car for someone who already owns an f430 or for someone who is crafty enough with obtaining titles. There will be NO TITLE with the car, only a bill of sale. Please no tire kickers, serious interest only.
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Enzo Wept

430 fire
Disco Inferno

Ferrari F430 Accident – Pretty Car, Pretty Flame…

Paraphrasing the title of the 1996 Serbian film “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame”, the burning Ferrari F430 pictured above sure gave a spectacular show to by passers on the South Luzon Expressway that connects Metro Manila with the provinces of the Calabarzon region in the Philippines. Anyone got any idea how this accident happened? -More images after the jump

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