Fancy Parking

Fancy Parking is still the new hotness Arizona law allows cops to piss on the very laws they pretend to enforce in order to enforce the law. Karma:  Mindfucking, isn’t it? This clown’s excuse for blocking the sidewalk?  Wait for it… Donuts

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In some countries, folks cheer at the sight of an exotic supercar, while in others they assume the driver is a (expletive deleted). In which camp would you think England falls? We’d have hoped the former, but the crowd has spoken, and they’re saying otherwise. When an evidently obscenely wealthy driver parked his Bugatti Veyron […]

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Brainiacs on Parade

If it’s Sunday, it’s time once again to watch the Arizona Cardinals lose win in improbable fashion. This week, that meant see it in person with the Bear. Where is the car? Reserved Parking. OK so far. NFL-ness ensues. The game has been over for 10 minutes. We arrive at the car, after needing to […]

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