Why does the TSA hate America

“Goddam 1st Amendment” – Janet Napolitano Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog | We Won’t Fly. Fuck you, Fuck all you cocksuckers, you wont change anything. ride the bus, TSA is here to stay there doing a great job keeping americia safe. Freedom is slavery; war is peace

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Why I love Fox Movie Channel

Last night, I stumbled onto FMC, showing Porky’s.  Shitty, stupid movie, with lots (in theatrical release) of naked.  They showed this shower scene uninterrupted and uncut That’s right – boobs and pubes on non-pay channel TV.  Yay free enterprise and First Amendment!! Why I hate Fox Movie Channel – these are supposed to be high […]

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George W. Orwell

AT&T whistleblower: I was forced to connect ‘big brother machine’ David Edwards and Jason Rhyne Published: Wednesday November 7, 2007 A former technician at AT&T, who alleges that the telecom forwards virtually all of its Internet traffic into a “secret room” to facilitate government spying, says the whole operation reminds him of something out of […]

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Bush Administration: Defending the Constitution Helps the Terrorists

Administration official says ‘every nugget’ of surveillance info helps terrorists Nick Juliano Published: Wednesday October 31, 2007 Asst. AG says warrantless wiretap lawsuits harm national security Defending the Bush administration’s efforts to immunize telecommunications companies from any responsibility for their assistance in the likely illegal surveillance of Americans after 9/11, a top national security official […]

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Cops suck…

sometimes. No Shit? Woman faces jail time for swearing at toilet A West Scranton woman could face up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300 for allegedly shouting profanities at an overflowing toilet while inside her Luzerne Street home.Dawn Herb, whose potty mouth caught the attention of an off-duty police […]

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