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Asswipe Fail

The paper is gone, but get your tetanus shot, a master key and a weight belt before refilling. On the bright side, Superior AZ HAS protected the little cardboard tube pretty thoroughly. Nice work.  (what’s that mysterious spatter on the wall, though?  wait, nevermind)

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Mesa Ridge: We love our residents

Really? You’re telling me how to park my car?  Are your residents that stupid or weak or economically dependent that they agree to this bullshit? Your 3 seconds of potential inconvenience in checking plates is worth a $400 threat? Really? Who the fuck WANTS to park in your shitty lot that doesn’t live there?

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For your convenience

Quick Sign Parking ONLY OR: $2.00 Per Hour for Others Pay Inside Before Parking You had me until that last line.  Pay inside before parking?  Exactly how do I do that, short of entering your parking lot in order to read this sign, then DRIVING INTO Parking elsewhare and walking into YOUR FUCKING STORE to prepay to park outside in your…

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Cameraphones are the Devil

Giant Mall: Have some VIP tickets to an early screening of the new Leo movie, Inception. Harkins:  Yup, you’re on the list Douchebag at the theater door:  Wait here, while I seat every other person waiting! Harkins:  *friendly banter*

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