Crimes Against Humanity

automotive category:  the limited (and now ever rarer)  2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Reportedly, this waste was facilitated by Budweiser, which constitutes an aggravating factor. Ten beers, an idiot and a Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca equal disaster.

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Parnelli Jones Wept

Mustang Boss 302S with VIN 001 crashes on the track. Ford says it will build only 50 copies of the Mustang Boss 302S, a track-only demon that we’ve called the greatest track-day Mustang ever. The very first copy off the assembly line met the walls — and hopefully not its end — at the Mid-Ohio […]

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What to drive

when it’s 1977 and your cocaine bills make you downsize from that Mark V The Ford LTD II.  “II” because it’s twice as good?  Two because that’s how many models are spun off the same chassis?  No.  More like “II” because the first type was so successful.  “II” because maybe you’ll think this shitbox has […]

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All Too Familiar

Mustang caught by an SUV? Oh, the embarrassment

The man, hasslin’ a kid in a sports car.  SSDD in Phoenix.  Bad news kid.  Fines double in construction zones.  I think this guy lived across the street from me a million years ago.

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If you have to ask…

then I’ll tell you. Yeah, that shit does make you look like a fucking imbecile.

Helion: It’s how they say “dumbass” at J.C. Whitney

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