Do you know me?

I am not an objective analyst, but I play one on TV. Fox’s “Supreme Court Analyst” C. Boyden Gray is … [Media Matters for America] Every Monday morning for months, veteran Washington lawyer C. Boyden Gray has plotted strategy via a conference call with the heads of groups that want to ease the confirmation of […]

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Rove/ Gannon connection?

Is it physical, or just evil and abhorrent political treachery?   Karl Rove demonstrates *reporter* bondage.  “A good love slave is a joy to listen to in the Press Room” said the new Minister of Information. CBS News | Rove- Gannon Connection? | February 18, 2005 17:17:04 Too bad CBS let its credibility be erased by the GOP, […]

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GannonGate – The Backlash, puppet conservative mouthpiece linked to Talon News has purportedly outed a lefty at White House briefings.  (Of course, this guy didn’t get a pass by blowing a white house staffer like Gannon/Guckert reportedly did.) Left-Wing Activist Poses as Reporter At White House Press Briefings Oooh, scary. By now you know the softballs Gannon tossed, like, “Because […]

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