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Jimmy’s Got a Gun

Drunk Ass Neighbor

Deja Vu All Over Again - My little one has some teen (and other) angst going on for a while now, and thinks the path to peace is following the example of the older sibling a few years ago.  The whys and whethers and if/when to call in FEMA are for another time Highlander. Anyhoo… Just…

Jimmy Wang

Breadcrumbs, hobo style

Fredo’s stupider, drunker brother It’s a proud day in the neighborhood.  Jimmy drinks an OE800 HG and suffers the usual effects…. Drive-By Shootings: Jimmy Wang.

Fredo Wang: the StifMeister

fredo wang

What the hell is the point of “pussy wagon” on the tailgate of this Dodge truck? For the longest time, some Dodge truck trims were called “Power Wagons.”  Then Chrysler started calling their trucks “Dodge Ram.”  A couple years ago, they dropped the “Dodge” in favor of simply “Ram.”  With that history as a backdrop…



  IMAGE: Paolo Bassoli via Flickr Derek Jackson Pulled Over for DUI — While Driving Forklift Down Scottsdale Road at 2 a.m. A Scottsdale man pulled over for DUI told police he was just trying to get home from a party when he was pulled over on Scottsdale Road around 2:30 a.m. yesterday… Jackson was driving a forklift that…

George, George, George of the Jungle

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Watch out for that tree… Phoenix Man With Weed in Pocket Walks Head-First Into Tree for Saddest Arrest of 2013. Phoenix police officers watched as Melton hit his head on the tree, and apparently thought it was so bad that they stopped to make sure Melton was okay. Police asked for Melton’s name and date of…

Fredo Wang: Lowrider

Dodge Aspen "Special Edition" lowrider

When you’re out of Natty Light and Night Train, no ordinary grocery getter will get you to the liquor grocery store in the style to which you are accustomed, unless you roll up in this:  1977 Dodge Aspen “Special Edition.”  We know it’s special: 1/2 yellow, 1/2 red to confuse eyewitnesses fit your usual two moods:…