Killer Clowns

blind parkour leaping from skyscraper to skyscraper  and family gatherings where Buzzkill can not only get the joke, she can tell her own. Also, the entire family thinks you are headed for a homeless shelter – no, you can’t just go live in Mom’s basement. What happens in your warped mental kingdom when your late […]

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Deja Vu Dreams – sorta (NSFW)

Dreams will be the death of me.

[Ed.: NS for anywhere that does not dispense Thorazine and straight jackets.]

So I am crawling into a bed somewhere.  Someone is already there.  It’s Ruth from back in college.  Big tits, big mouth. Hasn’t aged a day.  Why is SHE here? I don’t really care, because: topless.  Boobs in  dreams are the best. But sweet alabaster-skinned Jesus, this is about to get, uh, strange.

No, BAD strange.

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Just Say No (More After This)

Chapter 13: NTTAWWT(?) Kip loved sucking eggs which really didn’t relate to anything… but why should we stray away from every standard set in this transcript to date?  We have no standards.  Tim regained all consciousness by this time and suggested that all coons be fixed to halt any further copulation between any interratial species. […]

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The One About Kwik-E-Mart

Chapter 11:  …And a Slurpee and some pickled sausages “Let’s you and me go get some Carltons,” said Larry to Fred.  They drove off in a flurry of screaming tires and protestations from the engine of the pimped out Cadillac, curb feelers raising sparks as Larry played curb-hunter.  Half of the purpose of the Carltons […]

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Title Goes Here

Chapter 10:  At Least It’s Not About a Leper.  Oh wait The aardvark commented to the duck billed platypus, “Hey you’re ugly!” The platypus replied… “That’s not very cordial, you must know my mother.” “Yeah”, responed the aardvark “parental influence notwithstanding, you’re still one of the most repulsive creatures in this swamp.” At that point, […]

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Tell your children not to hear my words… (Starting with “No Title”)

Chapter 9: Oh God, You Went There Back at [Girl]’s house, [Boy] was wearing dresses and begging for a Section 8.  [Girl] was puzzled.  She couldn’t decide if it was the real thing. She decided that [Boy]’s comment “fuck me” was the ultimate disgrace.  [Girl]  went home to mother, deciding that she could get ultimate gratification […]

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We Needed a Title: Farrah > Audra

Chapter 5: Ooh Victoria, you’re a little monkey woman you know that? You’re a little monkey woman… Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nick and Heath were pistol-whipping the butler, while Jarrod was espousing the virtues of a chauvinist society and its historical contributions to the 19th century to Audra. “This chick’s gorgeous,” Jarrod thought to himself, “but, for one, she’s […]

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