Apropos of nothing… There’s a shit storm a’coming I feel it coming soon There’s a time and a place And a moment in space When the fat boys call the tune There’s a bubble a’bouncing And it’s bouncing my way There’s two sticks in the powderworks I think its gonna blow today There’s a shit […]

MDF 2005

So its the 20th anniversary of MDF give or take a couple of very hazy years, and about the 23rd anniversary of their evil progenitors. I celebrated last night with Miller High Life and Marlboro Lights. (Yes, Merit Ultra Lights (SPP) or Player Menthols (MDF) would have been more authentic. STFU) One of each was […]

Clay v. Avril

One of these songs is non sequitur, retardo crap (not retardo like no. 61 – more of a bananaphone sort).  Can you figure out which one I hate? What are you doing tonight I wish I could be a fly on your wall Are you really alone Still in your dreams Why can’t I bring […]