Worst Chevy Tahoe ever. Six years after it’s moment of reactionary Toby Keith fashion statement semi-coolness wore off, H2 production is dead in its tracks.  This can’t bee a surprise.  It’s the Continental Mark V of SUVs.  Gargantuan, thirsty, puny on the inside, unwieldy and ill-suited for its usual role as suburban grocery getter.  (But […]

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French to the rescue

POWER PLAY: Renault, Nissan GM could link. Kerkorian puts Detroit firm’s future at stake July 1, 2006 BY MICHAEL ELLIS FREE PRESS BUSINESS WRITER In a startling move Friday that could reshape General Motors Corp. and the auto industry, GM’s largest individual shareholder urged France’s Renault and Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. to buy a significant […]

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