Garages are so boring

  Going s-nowhere fast: £300,000 Ferrari coated in snow. Parked up on an industrial site, the £300,000 supercar was left out overnight shortly before Scotland experienced an evening of heavy snowfall.  And by the morning the Ferrari, one of only a handful in the UK, was coated in over 12-inches of the white stuff. Maybe […]

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Caption This

Pontiac GTO crash wall
That’ll buff right out!
  1. Famous Last Words: Jr. will be right in, after he parks the GTO.
  2. Nothing happened last night, right?  RIGHT?!
  3. To cops:  Why no, officer, I was home all night reading the bible and knitting.
  4. Did you hear something?  Nah, go back to sleep.
  5. Attention all units, be on the look out for a brown Opel Kadett with no headlights.
  6. _____________
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