Worst Chevy Tahoe ever. Six years after it’s moment of reactionary Toby Keith fashion statement semi-coolness wore off, H2 production is dead in its tracks.  This can’t bee a surprise.  It’s the Continental Mark V of SUVs.  Gargantuan, thirsty, puny on the inside, unwieldy and ill-suited for its usual role as suburban grocery getter.  (But […]

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Gas goes down to a sane level and who comes out to play?  Fatass McCheese and his hummer.  Fuck you, sir.  You’re wasting all MY gas.

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fat ass

Now that gas is back down under $2, the lard asses can schlep some Whoppers with Cheese in their (FU)H2s once again.  Yay!  Overconsumption –> scarcity –> price increases.  Again.  Just wait.

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Hummer vs. reality.


General Motors Corp. will cease production at four truck plants in North America and possibly sell its Hummer division, components of a major shift away from gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs toward more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The company will add third shifts at factories in Oakland County’s Orion Township and Lordstown, Ohio, which make popular Chevy and Pontiac car models. It also will build a new small car in Lordstown, what it calls the next generation of the Chevy Aveo.

The company also will consider a complete revamp or even sale of the Hummer division, it said, in a “strategic assessment” of the brand.

‘Detroit 3 catastrophe:’ GM, Ford back away from trucks –

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Mine are bigger

Big Balls? H2: ridin’ on 25″s (but no spare) lifted (but street tires) roll bar/off road lights (and rock attracting step bars) look at ME!!! yellow paint BALLZ man!!! BIG FUCKING BALLZ OF STEEL!!! We’re obviously not living the off-road promise of a 4wd truck. We’re are in full on faux bad-ass mode. What are […]

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