The Ron Jeremy of hypercars

Butt ugly crazy expensive maintenance and upkeep will send you to the poorhouse untouchable performance you’ll want some plutonium nyborg just to keep up with it. Also, you’ll need to be a nyborg dealer just to afford to detail it. Separated at birth? ยป First Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Delivered in the US – Drag […]

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Say Yes to Michigan

Fat Drunk and stupid at Faber College (sort of). It’s time to visit 8 Barrel, Phid (and Jack Dova even) in Ann Arbor. Crash in the dorms so you can pretend to be a student (except for the cranial firepower and rich ass parents parts). Also not part of the experience? Going to class. (You […]

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warm liquid goo phase
Swimming in evil orb pee is not without risks

Death to ALL who oppose us!

This time you die, Terakian bitch.

Kill it.

Unnamed Barbarian, Heavy Metal, 1981

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