muerte el gato

  • Real cat.
  • 3 cents worth of some string. Stupid, stupid cat.
  • Real Gun. $5. (See Critter Joe @ 24thSt and Van Buren, behind the dumpster.)
  • My (actual) finger on the trigger. Priceless.

Muerte, el gato

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What to drive

1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass

when you’re boycotting your prom. What to never let asshole Fury owning bk lounge co-workers ever drive. *sniff*

1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass –  JackDova’s orange “Minotaur” (1979-198x)

455 auto

Orange. Bucket seats.

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Dog Days of Summer

A little bit of Joe College, a little bit of big ass lake… 179. Meet a guy named Darrell at freshman orientation. Party with him and some other dork in his “suite” at the Downtowner ($19.99 per night or portion thereof). Nearly kill yourself in a DUI going home, because DUI is still just a […]

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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Really Stupid –As Cracker, karate kick the back of the toilet and break off the water inlet tube. (There IS a technical term for this thing.)  Once you do this, the toilet is out of commission. Plus, flooding – BONUS!!! Mom  will be so proud! The mechanics are really simple:  run down the hall at […]

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Daze of Our Lives

Again, don’t ever do these things!!! 101 (forgot where I left off – Damn you Jose Cuervo) Get a bunch of beer and drink it. Go to a new subdivision under construction where the parents of someone you know are building a new house. It will be more fun explaining this to people who can […]

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