FYI, your mailman is watching you. Tracking who gets mail at your house. Maybe even logging the cars in your driveway.

I’m guessing he’d report on what he could see through the windows, if by chance it was noteworthy.

Somewhere in a cubicle, this information gets processed and dispersed. I know this, because the county assessor has “reason to believe” I don’t reside in my own home and wants to increase my taxes. That’s been cleared up, but what the fuck?  Where is Charlie, the mailman when I was a kid.  The guy who would stop and chat, and take a glass of lemonade in the summer. What happened to that guy?

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Freedom Is Slavery

Oakland Cops Have a Spy Tool So Secret They Can’t Discuss It –  Deadline Detroit. …Undersheriff Michael McCabe tells The News: “Hailstorm helps us capture fugitives from the law, people wanted for murder and rape” and can be used only with a search warrant. He said the federal Homeland Security Act bars him from discussing Hailstorm, but […]

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Escape from Las Vegas

McCarran Airport TSA Bouncer, checking IDs:  Three stands. Pick one besides mine. Four scanner lines.  Pick one. Being the next sheep in line, we just waited to get carded.  The more important question was at hand – porn/cancer screening device or basic metal detector. There were about 10 possible lines, but only 4 were open. R:  porn […]

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Airstrip One

Oceana has its own police force? Police? I’ve seen these guys before.  I thought it was just some tarted up Tahoes for an emergency drill.  Evidently, it was not just some theoretical disaster scenario pretend force.  These are newer, shinier versions.   It’s real.  Fortunately, their mission is not writing speeding tickets.  (Unless thinking about speeding […]

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Dear Janet Napolitano

When i say “goat porn” or “goat fucking,” I am exercising my free speech and free press rights, not advertising for fetishists.  That’s why you did not find anything like that on my website.  Same as the last few times you dropped by. See you in room 101, I guess…   Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label […]

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Why does the TSA hate America

“Goddam 1st Amendment” – Janet Napolitano Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog | We Won’t Fly. Fuck you, Fuck all you cocksuckers, you wont change anything. ride the bus, TSA is here to stay there doing a great job keeping americia safe. Freedom is slavery; war is peace

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It’s 1984

Thanks George.  Your fuckups led to this, since you have made us less safe.  We know this kind of intrusiveness gives Cheney a hard on.  How long before this crap infects us? Terror crackdown: Passengers forced to answer 53 questions BEFORE they travel | the Daily Mail

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