George W. Orwell

AT&T whistleblower: I was forced to connect ‘big brother machine’ David Edwards and Jason Rhyne Published: Wednesday November 7, 2007 A former technician at AT&T, who alleges that the telecom forwards virtually all of its Internet traffic into a “secret room” to facilitate government spying, says the whole operation reminds him of something out of […]

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I’m proud to be an American

where at least I know I’m free (unless I am an uncharged “enemy combatant” deprived of all constitutional and human rights.) “You’ll never see the light of day” is more than a hollow threat One party rule is such a great idea.  We can TRUST them to protect us from the bad guys. Until they […]

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The Global War on Sand

White House wants Sahara Desert as new front for war on terror The U.S. government reportedly plans to spend $500 million over five years to make the Sahara Desert a vast new front in its war on terrorism. The operation is called the Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Initiative, begun in June to provide military expertise, equipment and development […]

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Over the Rainbow

Tom Ridge, Minister of Paranoia Secretary of Homeland Defense will resign. Another Orwellian nightmare domino has fallen. C’mon Rummy, sack up and join the retireess As nice as it was to bump Tom Ridge’s ass out of the governor’s mansion in Pennsylvania, the oompa loompa terror warning level was a bad joke. The premise was […]

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My take

1. Why can’t GWB EVER use Senator Kerry’s name. His phraseology is very precise, and very arrogant. “My Opponent” = think of him in the context of Me “the Senator” = he is not a person, and [Me] forbid I should reinforce his name. “he”= fine, I cannot totally marginalize this guy who wants my […]

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