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Dear America Gas is fucking $3.50 again, now that the oil guys grabbed the House.  Can we please mothball the goddam hummers?  Is your princess so precious and frail she needs a 12 mpg tank to commute to work and get groceries? This is not Libya.  This is not even Mexico. Stop raising my costs…


Worst Chevy Tahoe ever. Six years after it’s moment of reactionary Toby Keith fashion statement semi-coolness wore off, H2 production is dead in its tracks.  This can’t bee a surprise.  It’s the Continental Mark V of SUVs.  Gargantuan, thirsty, puny on the inside, unwieldy and ill-suited for its usual role as suburban grocery getter.  (But…


This is not a statement on what's happening inside the limo

Gas goes down to a sane level and who comes out to play?  Fatass McCheese and his hummer.  Fuck you, sir.  You’re wasting all MY gas.


Now that gas is back down under $2, the lard asses can schlep some Whoppers with Cheese in their (FU)H2s once again.  Yay!  Overconsumption –> scarcity –> price increases.  Again.  Just wait.