Now Don’t Be Sad…

Dear butthead K&N makes excellent filters John McCain is not my friend either. I could almost like you, Hyundai  SUV notwithstanding.  But seriously: A hand truncated McCain/Palin sticker?  You’re only half done  (Palin is not running for anything, btw.) JD Hayworth?  This guy? The shout out to Tex Earnhardt (under the “Hyundai” badge), worst car […]

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Think About It

In our last episode, I was appointed a High Priest of Dementia in something called the First Driver’s Club. This is the thing promoted by Car and Driver magazine where they send muy bueno swag about a product and urge you to tell two friends (hoping that they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and […]

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1998 Hyundai Accent

Where I saw one:  most recently, in a nightmare in the opposite direction from this nightmare Nostalgia factor: 0/10 – eminently forgettable Baseline: 5/10, because i owned one for almost two years.  +10 because it was red, the color of bloodlust.  -15, because “lust” has no correlation whatsoever with a Hyundai Accent. +1 because I […]

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