If Only

This VW Is The Fastest Looking Slow Car Ever. This is the VW/Brasil SP2 Parked, it was the fastest car you’ve ever seen. Driven, well, not so much. SP 9s obviously “Slow Poke.” Jalopnik claims it was based on the VW Type III.  we think it’s something a little closer to home:  the 411/412.  the ass […]

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Eat the Rich

Class Warfare Breaks Out As Londoner Eggs Woman Driving A Ferrari. Rich residents of London are notoriously upset with richer foreigners who summer in the British capital, filling the streets with supercars. Recently, one of these Brits egged a Ferrari. Shit just got real.This particular incident occurred on fancy-fancy Sloan street over the weekend. As a yellow Ferrari […]

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Disco Inferno

Burn baby burn… Yesterday morning an older gentleman named Bill called our establishment saying he had a car he needed to sell, he told me he had a “pristine 2006 Mercedes CLK 500 that was being transported from CA to FL along with a Porsche, a GT-R, a Ferrari and a BMW. The truck was […]

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Do Want

This House Is A Ferrari Workspace/Garage/Gallery. Holger Schubert is a man with superb taste, as evidenced not only by his amazing 512BBi, but also by the gorgeous workspace/garage/art gallery he’s built to accommodate it. There are no corny framed photos of waterfalls with trite inspirational messages on Schubert’s immaculate glass walls, and he doesn’t need […]

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