Skyfall (2012)

In 4 words: Khan Hannibal Joker 2 Skyfall is the third Daniel Craig Bond movie. (And only the second if one ignores Quantum of Stupid (2009).like one should do with the two Dalton movies.) Bad guy plots revenge.  Bad guy has unnatural luck/genius pre-planning and improvisation. Just … Continue reading

Mostly Wrong

The 10 Best Bond Villains - Esquire. James Bond is often only as good as his villains, which is why the Internet went nuts when rumors began circulating late last week that 007's next adversary might be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Oscar-nominated 12 Years a Slave star would be not only … Continue reading
Aston Martin Vanquish

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever and Die Another Day are the same movie Diamonds - get you laid, even after the US goes off the gold standard and obviates the whole premise of Goldfinger. The rocks come from exotic Africa: South Africa/Sierra Leone. Space Laser.  EVERY cool megalomaniac needs … Continue reading