New Press Secretary

President George W. “W” Bush decided to move past the whole  Gannon/ Guckert/ Rove/ McLellan  scandal by appointing a new press secretary whose background is ideally suited for the role. “So the truth was dear to thee. Know that it suffered mightily. Before we fucking killed it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!” the Mouth of Sauron reportedly uttered, before […]

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Rove/ Gannon connection?

Is it physical, or just evil and abhorrent political treachery?   Karl Rove demonstrates *reporter* bondage.  “A good love slave is a joy to listen to in the Press Room” said the new Minister of Information. CBS News | Rove- Gannon Connection? | February 18, 2005 17:17:04 Too bad CBS let its credibility be erased by the GOP, […]

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GannonGate – The Backlash, puppet conservative mouthpiece linked to Talon News has purportedly outed a lefty at White House briefings.  (Of course, this guy didn’t get a pass by blowing a white house staffer like Gannon/Guckert reportedly did.) Left-Wing Activist Poses as Reporter At White House Press Briefings Oooh, scary. By now you know the softballs Gannon tossed, like, “Because […]

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