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Joe Arpaio

Mexican Car Pool (Arizona Style)

the bus so nice, we wrote "sheriff" on its ass twice

What’s wrong with this picture? 73 in a 65.  That’s a $180 ticket, deputy Fife. Only one person in the cab.  That’s a $350 ticket, deputy Fife. What?  You are detaining people in the cargo area?  That is probable cause to pull a truck over when it’s Mexicans on board. The very least you can…

Fear and Self Loathing in the Desert

Wonder how that got there...

Andrew Thomas represents all that is ugly in Arizona Politics.  His wife is Hispanic, but he is banging the drum to send all the brown people away (unless they have their papers) This The Truth About Tom Horne is his latest attack site. I am frankly surprised that he had the balls to put his…

Joe Arpaio, show us YOUR papers!!!

Is Joe Arpaio a citizen? Have we EVER seen HIS birth certificate? If so, was he an “anchor baby”? What about J.D. Hayworth? Where are his papers? Jan Brewer? Is she an “alien invader”? Personally, I think they’re all aliens: