Joe Arpaio, Viagra Spokesman

Joe Arpaio is up for election in 2012, if senility has not been formally diagnosed by then.  He is shamelessly shilling for donations already. Why?  Because he is running ads already – TWO FUCKING YEARS before even a primary challenge.  Why? It’s not his popularity.  Joe latched onto hating brown people, and it bought him […]

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Life’s little ironies

Some people are arrogant, or they’re stupid. If you put those things together, that’s a lethal combination. Sheriff Joe, in the Arizona Republic Sheriff Joe has a long and (vain-?  in-?)glorious history, if you do not immediately graps the irony.

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Help me OB1

you’re our only hope. Phoenix, 2/18/09.  Anti Joe protestors plead for presidential intervention on constitutional abuses by the couthy sheriff, since no one in the state has the balls to stand up to Joe or his henchmen.

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