Requiem For Methuselah

Mike Gross, Assistant Sports Editor of the LANCASTER PA SUNDAY NEWS, has another delicately-phrased, thoughtful piece wondering if Joe Paterno has the physical and mental capacity to coach Penn State this season. via SPORTSbyBROOKS » Reporter On Paterno: ‘Should he be driving a car?’.

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Getting smaller to get bigger

As a football fan. my entire self worth is tied into the success of my chosen team. Thus, my penis feels less adequate, now that I read this: U-M will drop down to a capacity of 106,201 in 2008 season — below Penn State’s 107,282. Joe Paterno got his first stiffy of the aughts on […]

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Why does Penn State suck?

Joe, buddy. It’s time. Call it a day. Hall of Fame? Shoo in. Most years at a school? Will never be topped. Shitty 19th Century offense? C’mon Joe. Even Bo’s QBs threw forward passes. Just not stupid ones. Carr owns you. And that is just sad. Well, not that sad. He needs to own someone, […]

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Penn Stank

JoePa gets owned by Carr for the 9th straight time. Penn state exposed, 14-9. mgoblog: Lionized We own Penn State. I never get tired of saying that. I get tired of the 2 in 0-2, but 1 more win and we’re over 0.500 for the first time since last season. In other news: Broncos(2-1): You’re […]

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