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Oh shit. What the hell did I just do. – Barack Obama

“I’ll teach you how to surrender” – John “owned by GOP lies” Kerry

2004 Dem Nominee Kerry Endorsing Obama

By GLEN JOHNSON – 56 minutes ago

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Barack Obama is being doomed to a humiliating defeat endorsed by fellow Sen. John Kerry, the Democrats’ 2004 surrender monkey presidential nominee who gave  up his throat lost to George W. Bush that year with John Edwards as his running mate and gave up his own hopeless plans to fuck up another election for a 2008 run a year ago. When reached for comment, President-elect Clinton said simply, “Victory is mine.”

Senator John Kerry (D-surrender monkey) demonstrates the magnitude of his chances to be president after his botched 2004 campaign and other d-ooh moments.

Elections – Road to 2008 – AOL News- Kerry Bows Out of White House Race – AOL News.

John “I will not surrender, I will just forgo all efforts to succeed” Kerry lives up to his name and bails 18 months ahead of schedule.

Thanks John.  It’s the best decision yet.  Now how about refunding me my $10, since you bailed on Arizona in 2004 after you said you wouldn’t, but left the campaign with $15 million unspent.

We are so over, Senator Kerry…

Dear John:

I received your latest letter. Thanks. You want to put a sanity-based judge on the Supreme Court? John, I think that is a stellar idea.

Wait, you want me to pay you for that effort? WTF, John? Remember last July(?), when you were all “send me” and “I will never surrender”? I sent you $10.43 USD to buy a round of cheeseburgers at that Wendy’s you stopped at a day or two later. You were happy to spend my money on shit, but then, within 60 days, you fucking abandoned my entire state to George. Remember that? I fucking remember that! Here on earth, we call that a surrender. Just because you did not execute Articles of Surrender on behalf of the campaign does not mean that you didn’t fucking abandon us.

Plus, you ended the campaign with a loss, and with about $15 million left over.

That is like leaving points on the field. That is like giving up, rather than giving every last effort. When you give up a winnable fight, some people call that surrender.

So, no, I will not be sending you a goddamned dime. I know that what you really want is for me to remember you for ‘08. I promise, I will remember you, but in a “get the fuck off my TV” sort of way, and not an “at least he is a war hero” way.

Peace out, sir


P.S. I want a refund. I am on a diet, so I will accept cash, rather than wendyburgers.

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Dear Friend,

Let’s make our principles crystal clear right out of the box.

We will never support a Supreme Court nominee intent on reversing Roe v. Wade and undoing critical civil rights protections. And we will never accept a double standard that says, on a decision vital to America’s

future, President Bush’s most extreme supporters can campaign all-out while you and I are urged to be silent.

I am asking you to endorse and help pay for a powerful message that will appear in the days ahead in newspapers across the country. Show the President and the Senate just how strongly you feel about protecting our fundamental freedoms:


From the range of choices the White House is currently considering, America and the Constitution would be best served if President Bush chooses a nominee in the mold of Sandra Day O’Connor, who was named to the Court by no less of a conservative than Ronald Reagan and approved unanimously by the United States Senate.

But President Bush’s most extreme supporters are demanding a nominee who doesn’t think or act anything like Justice O’Connor. They want a rigid ideologue who will reverse what President Bush has called the “settled law” of Roe v. Wade, one who will support their efforts to use the Supreme Court as a battering ram to undo decades of progress on civil rights, Roe v. Wade, and privacy.

They want something else as well.

They want you and me to participate in this momentous debate about fundamental freedoms with one hand tied behind our back. They actually expect us to step aside while they roll over our rights. Let’s prove that we will never let that happen.


While they unleash a multi-million dollar advertising campaign on behalf of President Bush’s choice in close coordination with the White House, you and I are supposed to remain silent — lest we be charged with “rushing to judgment.”

While they conduct a no-holds-barred effort to brush aside any and all questions about the nominee’s record and his or her commitment to protecting individual freedom, you and I are supposed to be silenced for fear of being called “obstructionists” and cowered by their threat to revive the “nuclear option.”

That’s worse than unacceptable. It’s un-American, and it’s not how we carry on public debate in the greatest democracy on earth. Show them that, with the future of the Supreme Court on the line, we won’t stand on the sidelines:


I know I can count on your support in making the following commitment: I will insist on a complete and full examination of the record of President Bush’s nominee. And, if that nominee is intent on reversing Roe v. Wade and essential Supreme Court protections for civil rights, I will use every option I have as a United States Senator to keep that nominee off the Court.


John Kerry

P.S. Don’t let them silence our voices. Go out in your community and spread the word along to everyone you know by passing on this message. We must all commit ourselves to standing up for Roe V. Wade and our civil rights.

Paid for by Friends of John Kerry, Inc.
Help support our grassroots activities. Make a contribution to Friends of John Kerry. We apologize if you received this message in error. Click here to unsubscribe from our mailing list.Friends of John Kerry, Inc., 511 C St. NE, Washington DC, 20002, U.S.A.

Dear John Kerry:

Shut the hell up. You are a senator now – go represent your constituents. (Clue #1: They are in Massachusetts.) You are not a presidential candidiate. (Clue #2: 11/02/04.) Stop trying to whore the national stage. I gave you $20 fucking dollars to be president. You let Karl Rove fuck you in the ass politically. Your “plan” was more hot air than anything else. You refused to call out Bush on the electronic transmitter at the debate. You gave up on my state in July. You let me down.

Afterwards, we learned that you left points on the field – the Kerry campaign had $15 million left over. WTF? Yes, you gave a couple mill to the DNC, but you control the rest. Evidently, instead of donating it to make the world better, or giving me a fucking refund, I get bombarded with slick little reminders of what a famewhore politicians like you are. I am not fooled by the subject of your letter. Obviously, you want to take another shot at the big chair, and are just trying to live rent free in my head, like an earworm. I am not going to forget you over the next 4 years (if my country survives it). I sure as f*** am not going to vote for you next time around, Mr. Quixote. Nobody I know is either. You are just another Dem who got trampled by the Bush machine. Accept your place next to Al Gore and move on.

XXOO (if you stop now)

Wink Dinkerson

National Chair Progressive Bloggers for Anybody But Kerry 2008

Dear Supporter,

In the next 30 days, we’ve got to persuade the U.S. Senate to take the next critical step in winning health care coverage for every American child.

Today, I am joining leaders from a wide range of organizations representing millions of American families in issuing a simple call to action. If we want our Kids First Act to move forward, we need hearings scheduled in the Senate Finance Committee. So our powerful coalition is kicking off a month-long campaign to press for a firm date this spring for hearings on our Kids First Act.

Millions of families wake up every day to the stark reality of knowing their children have no health insurance. Surely, the Senate can wake up one day this spring and devote a few hours to hearing their stories.

Our Kids First momentum is building every day. Organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the March of Dimes, Every Child Matters, and the AFL-CIO have endorsed our Kids First Act. And over 500,000 people have signed on as citizen co-sponsors of our bill.

The best way to make Washington listen is to put that total over one million in the next 30 days.

If you haven’t signed already, please do so now. And urge others who care about kids to do the same.


Getting hearings scheduled is so important. Committee hearings separate proposals that have a chance of becoming law from those that aren’t ever going to see the light of day. They provide an opportunity for Congress to receive expert testimony on the importance of a bill and provide an opportunity to get vital information into the public record.

Senator Charles Grassley, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, has been supportive of children’s initiatives in the past. We need him to act now by setting a firm date for the hearings America’s children need and deserve.

We know how powerful people’s stories can be. Thousands have called our Kids First phone lines to give voice to their values. With moving words and sometimes painful stories, they have made it clear that America must move forward to provide health insurance to every child.

I want you to hear some of the messages yourself. Click on our Kids First map and listen to what people from your state have to say.


There are those in Washington who want to ignore those voices and hide from the fact that children without health care translates into needless pain and suffering for millions of American families. But we won’t let uninsured children be ignored any longer.

We’ve got to put health care for our children at the top of our national agenda. It won’t be easy, but we will never rest until we find a way to make sure America puts Kids First.

This month, it’s all about keeping the pressure on for hearings.

When members of Congress go back for visits in their home states, we need to make sure they hear a forceful demand for action on the Kids First Act – especially members of the Senate Finance Committee. Thanks for helping keep the pressure on.


John Kerry

P.S. Keep your eyes open for updates on this campaign and ways that you can get involved during the congressional recess. Together, we’ll make Washington listen.

View a full list of endorsing organizations

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO–In an obvious effort to out-hype Senator John Edwards, who Wednesday claimed that if John Kerry wins the election, crippled people like Christopher Reeve will get out of their wheelchairs and walk again, Vice President Cheney today claimed that if President Bush is reelected, dead people, including Christopher Reeve, will get out of their graves and walk again.

“The President has a direct line to the Almighty,” said Cheney, “and he has been assured that should he win a second term, the Lord God Himself will resurrect Christopher Reeve as a sign of His approval.”

Edwards made his claim a day after the death of actor/activist Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a 1995 horse-jumping accident, citing scientists’ belief that further stem cell research could lead to “miracle” cures for paralysis and a host of of other diseases.

As an homage to Christ’s resurrection, Cheney waited three days before claiming that God would resurrect Christopher Reeve and all other dead people. His announcement was made after lengthy closed-door consultations with a hand-picked panel of theologians, televangelists and faith healers, who believe that if our scientists forego stem cell research and focus instead on the healing power of Christ, including prayer circles and the laying on of hands, God will reward us by reuniting American citizens with the reanimated corpses of their loved ones.

After giving the zombies a brief furlough to visit their families, Cheney said the President will call up the dearly departed to form an unbeatable zombie army.

“Make no mistake about it,” said Cheney. “A zombie army is crucial to winning the war against terror. There isn’t a country in the world that can stand up to it. Zombies are a very powerful force. They don’t get tired, they don’t need sleep and they don’t eat, except the living flesh of our enemies.”

However, Cheney was quick to point out that an invincible zombie army will become reality only if President Bush is reelected in November. “If the American people decide they’d rather elect John Kerry, then say goodbye to the zombie army and hello to an army comprised of former cripples and riders of the short bus.”

1. Why can’t GWB EVER use Senator Kerry’s name. His phraseology is very precise, and very arrogant.

My Opponent” = think of him in the context of Me

“the Senator” = he is not a person, and [Me] forbid I should reinforce his name.

“he”= fine, I cannot totally marginalize this guy who wants my job.

Never (unless he slips) “Senator,” Mr.” or “John” Kerry

2. The prez said that they were installing democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, including “checks and balances.” WTF?

In nearly the same breath, shrub extolled the virtues of the (1984) “Patriot” Act. Funny if not so sad. Just as George moves for more guns and less cops and firefighters and hospital services here, but spends my tax money to build that stuff there, the “Patriot” Act takes away checks and balances onh the executive branch.

3. GWB is incapable of admitting that He can err on fundamental issues. He acknowledged that strategeries and tactics need to adapt (not that they have adapted in Iraq or anything), but cannot muster the internal fortitude to acknowledge that maybe the baseline premise (like US domination of the Muslim world) is flawed. Infallible ignorance is what I think it’s called.

4. If you can, watch the next debates on CSpan. It lets you decide for yourself, instead of the shrill bombardment of spin doctors. Plus, you can see things like GWB’s deer in the heasdlights look, and furious note searching. George got all pissy at points, too. Kerry kept his poise, nodded, where the president was actually correct. Karl Rove has spent so much money and energy making GWB into some larger than life figure, yet GWB seemed like more like me at an oral argument than the invincible guardian of truth and jnustice. Not like me in a down to earth sense, but fallible, uncertain, egotistical in a Nero -like way…

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