Close enough (just lose the thong and the Vespa)

I worked for this guy, Jonathan J. Shithead. In our first office, I shared an office with a paralegal of sorts, an Italian bird named Rosita. God, she was pretty. As the desks were oriented, she sat behind me.  So, I couldn’t surf porn.

What I learned after being shitcanned: she rarely wore panties with those skirts.  If my desk pointed the other way, I would have learned this myself.  In searching for motivational images, I found this.  Add 10 years to this 20-something and it’s basically her and what i missed.


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Jonathan J. Shithead

  PLEASE NOTE: The title of the post is opinion only.  It is an opinion. A metaphor. An appellation. Le nom de merde. Also, it is not a reflection on the professional abilities of the above person. It is NOT nor is it intended to be a factual representation that the above dillweed’s head is […]

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On the Road Again

More stupid college/ frat shit (mostly) A. It’s winter. Everything is covered in snow. Not the big fluffy, flaky stuff. The cold, hard, crystallized snow, that crunches like little ice cubes under your feet. What to do on a snowy night? Kegger! Drive Tom and the other, other Tom to a bash they know about […]

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