Welcome to My Nightmare…

Here is what worries me: Karl Rove (R-Diebold) predicted the GOP would hold both houses.  What if the predictions were a ruse?  What if they wanted to throw this election? It’s not impossible – the close Senate races were conceded. Only that gasbag JD Hayworth is still trying to resist the will of the people.  […]

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One of my turns coming on…

I’m curious, George. WTF were you thinking? At any point? One thousand days of war, 2,000 killed, $300 billion not paid for by oil revenue and what do we have to show for it?  An impending  Iran clone. But don’t worry. But, ignore that, because your SUV takes $100 to fill up (since we’re not getting […]

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Alex Trebek: This evil traitorous bastard deserved to have his head on a pike at the entrance to Washington. Dr. G: Who was Karl Rove? The wheel has turned. And it is time. It is time for them to go. Dick “Dick” Cheney, 8.2.00 Back at ya, your eminence. Start with this clown. Trebek knows […]

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Rove/ Gannon connection?

Is it physical, or just evil and abhorrent political treachery?   Karl Rove demonstrates *reporter* bondage.  “A good love slave is a joy to listen to in the Press Room” said the new Minister of Information. CBS News | Rove- Gannon Connection? | February 18, 2005 17:17:04 Too bad CBS let its credibility be erased by the GOP, […]

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Champion of the People, Part II

Specter gets owned by Karl Rove, backtracks on promise to bring sanity to judicial confirmation process. Karl Rove: Listen you pissant motherfucker, you owe us your political life for re-election and for the job you just HOPE to get. If you don’t want to get swiftboated and Daschled starting tomorrow, you better start kissing ass. […]

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