It wasn’t ALL bad

A brief moment of synchronicity, early in this shitshow of a year. #FuckYou2016 anyway.

Not only did Prince make a song about my old car [Ed.: Car? Other Ed. : Forget it – he’s rolling.], I found it on youtube right when SNL was broadcasting it on the tribute show so my computer could singalong with the TV.
Yes, I am easily amused, but also in need of those small joys sometimes

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Your tax dollars at work

Mother Nature: I like wind Palm trees: Oops. My dead fronds fell down in the middle of the street from all this wind. Lurlene: Oh look. The street is impassable due to a giant stack of dead tree parts. I will move them out of the street, which will provide an ancillary benefit to this […]

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Not me

Even though I cannot tell the difference between a Pinto and a “Mustang II,” even I am not that drunk stupid. I would use an RPG. Man uses shotgun to loosen lug nut, hospitalized with wounds to legs Associated Press Nov. 12, 2007 12:31 PM SOUTHWORTH, Wash. – A man trying to loosen a stubborn […]

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A little Polynesian “massage” to go with your Karma, Dr. G?

In our last episode, karma had just said “I’m gonna get you, sucka.” Today, karma says “I still totally ironied you, bitch” In slightly less cryptic and oblique terms, today, another woman got all up close and personal. Lotion was involved. Pants were not. ******************************************** Karma: Hah! She was a doctor*! No happy finish, just […]

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